TCO calculation tool for storage

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Time to highlight the “hidden” cost!

I have created a TCO calculation tool that can help highlighting where the cost is over 5 years. Reports from my customers and the market is showing that more that 50% comes fra housing, power, cooling and management.

C-level management shall not only look that the purchase price for the storage system, but also look at the “hidden” costs.

New smart application-aware storage systems can cut 50% on the cost on power and cooling over 5 years, good for your budget and the data center will a more greener profile.

About the management part, a smart application-aware storage system (like Tintri) does barely not require any management at all. A smart storage system shall just be one big data store (no management of LUNs, RAID and Volumes), self auto tuning and be install in just 15 min. If there is a performance issue it shall be possible to detect the bottleneck in just a few seconds. That is want I will call smart storage :-) Some of my customers has cut the management cost from 19% of the TCO, to just 3%.

The prices in the TCO tool is just numbers, you have to change all the grey cells with your numbers.

Remember to give the vendors the same requirements with capacity and IOPS over 5 years. IOPS can be a challenge, because there is a lot of factors to play with and it’s easy to make the result better that real-life experience.

You can tell the vendors that you need: 50.000 IOPS (not peak performance), with 8 KB block size, 70/30% reads & writes, 100% random IO. Then make sure that they also can handle your future growth on both capacity and IOPS (put these requirements into your RFP document). There are vendors that are over-selling their performance, and it can be a painfull and expensive relationship over 5 years. I have experienced that myself, when I was a storage admin at TDC.

Link: Storage TCO, 5 years