Data centers in 2015-16

The strategy on how to build effective Data centers will change this year (2015). More or less everything will be virtualized, that is not new. But it will give us the option to start using Smart Application Aware Storage with:

– No need to think about RAID groups, LUNs and volumes, just one big datastore in the hypervisor.

- Selftuning filesystem, that works per VM, instead for LUN and Volumes.

– Granular VM snapshots and replication.

– VM level QoS & analytics/reporting.

All to lower the TCO 🙂

The backup / recovery strategy will change from the traditional streaming backup to snapshot and replication based, archiving VM and data will be needed to break the growth rate.

Mobility and flexibility is a demand from the end-users, their requirement to IT department will be that they can work anywhere, anytime and from any device (BYOD). To be able to achieve this, IT need a single data management platform with snapshot management, archiving, content indexing capability and with a “Dropbox” functionality to the end-users smart devices.