Cloud Enablement “I chat with my infrastructure!”

screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-01-53-38With Tintri you have the ability to automated IT processes with Slack (a chat program, if you don’t know it). From Slack you can create, delete, clone, snapshot a VM, recover a VM, just by chatting with a Tintri Bot that calls our VM-level API engine (and VMware API), and takes care of all the processes in the background.

Sound crazy, maybe. But it’s a fast and easy way of building a simple Private Cloud solution. So the IT department can focus on the bigger things and deliver faster and better services to the business.

Lets say that someone from the application team wants a new VM, instead of they have to contact the VM admin and wait, they can just open their Slack program and write a message to TBOT (Tintri Bot):

TBOT will then create a VM in VMware, as a VM-admin you don’t have to do anything. The application owner will then like, to create a snapshot the of VM, before they update mysql server with a new patch. Then they just write a message to the TBOT:

The application owner is now ready, to set the application in production. To make sure that the VM gets the right storage resources, the VM needs to be a member of the production tier (Tintri then guarantee X number of IOPS per VM, based on the Service Group policy you set). Like before, just chat to the TBOT:

Tintri VM Scale-out and VM-level QoS will make sure that every single VM get the performance it needs in every datastore, no task required. The Infrastructure people just need to look at the hole Tintri pool resources.

Is there free performance? Yes. Is there free capacity? Yes. All good then 🙂

But what if there is a bottleneck somewhere else in the infrastructure? With Tintri VM-aware Storage you can see performance bottleneck in the Network, Hosts and Storage layer for every single VM in realtime. In Secs you know where the issue is and can start fixing it.

That is the power of Tintri VM-aware Storage, and you can start small and scale up to 10 PB and 160.000 VMs in a single solution.

Do you want to know more? Please contact me directly / +45 3131 9891